Waste Not, Want A Lot

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Still Alive

Well after this past weekend I'm very fortunate to say "I'm still alive".. yeah as you can probably tell, I had a rough weekend. If I ever take shots of tequila again, Jessica (my cousin) or anyone else who is my friend for that matter, has the right and my permission to slap the shittith outtith ofith meith. lol if that made any sense.

Anywho! Nothing really all that exciting has been going on. School is school and it pretty much sucks always. I mean never is there a time when I'm gonna say "Yeah!! school is just going great, I'm really loving it".

Some people at union get on my nerves but luckily I don't have to see them that often cause if i did i might just have to choke them. lol jk. Nah seriously I just hate people who are your best friend when they see you and then they go behind your back and talk shit about ya. But like I said, its a good thing I don't have to put up with these people that often.

Well I guess I'm going to stop typing now. My arms are really tired. I've been working out for the past two weeks and yesterday was a killer.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

jump Posted by Picasa

drunk toe touch Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Song Writing... Good times lol Posted by Picasa

Me and Tiff outside Posted by Picasa

Me and Tiff in our Awesome glasses! Posted by Picasa

Me and Fruity taking shots Posted by Picasa

Fruity and Eddie Posted by Picasa

Me and Eddie Posted by Picasa

Tiff and the Irish guy Posted by Picasa

A little too much alcohol lol Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 03, 2005

laken me fran and krystle Posted by Picasa

looking over the ship Posted by Picasa

holly and krystle Posted by Picasa

idk... Posted by Picasa

me jess and laken Posted by Picasa

the ship Posted by Picasa

the girls Posted by Picasa

on the beach Posted by Picasa

layin our Posted by Picasa

bad girls Posted by Picasa

jess with her yard drink Posted by Picasa

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at carlos and charlies Posted by Picasa

shopping in mexico Posted by Picasa